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Design to fit your budget...

  I'm Thomas Gilmore, Operations Manager at Hillside Gardens & Landscaping. You're probably here because you have some big ideas on landscaping and don't know where to begin or you know exactly what you want and just want to find a good contractor. 

  As a design-build company we offer Landscape Design as a standalone service to ensure you get a design that works and is within your budget. Many times, a landscape designer offering a “free estimate” will start a project without a budget, put together a plan that’s priced much higher than you wanted to spend and ends up indiscriminately cutting things out – this results in an unfinished landscape that doesn't function as well as it should have. Getting the right design from the start will avoid this. When you hire us to do your design you'll tell us what you want or need, set a budget and get a master landscape plan that looks great and functions well, all within the price you want to pay.


  Have doubts? Your not alone - some customers are reluctant to pay for a professional designer when so many companies are offering "free estimates" - others are reluctant to discuss their budget because they fear they will be taken advantage of. The truth is, we can design a $20,000 project or a $100,000 project for the same yard. Which is right for you? That's why the first consultation with us is at no charge - to help you figure out what you want from your landscape. 

  If you purchase a design from us you'll also get an estimate; however, you can take our design to other contractors and get a cost comparison if you so choose. If this system of having a committed professional design your landscape within your budget sounds good to you, sign up now for a consultation.

Our Process


1. The Designer meets you at your home

2. Elements, a style and a budget are set and a Design Contract is signed

3. We measure your site

4. The measurements and site info are put into a base Plan

5. The Conceptual Drawing is done

6. The Designer meets with you to go over the conceptual drawing

7. Revisions are done as needed

8. The project gets estimated

9. Project with final revisions and cost are presented

11. A Construction Contract is signed

12. The Working Drawings are completed

13. Final Review of the Master Plan is reviewed to ensure everything is how you want

14. The Job Order goes to our Construction Team

15. Next is the Job Walk with you, the designer and our Project Manager

16. The Project Manager is now the Point of Contact

17. Construction is underway

18. The job gets completed