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Our client relationships begin with our Design Staff. At Hillside Gardens and Landscaping our Landscape Designers provide custom plans and project details that fulfill your requirements, preferences and resources. With emphasis on creating areas of relaxation and personal enjoyment, our designs will provide you with distinctive, personalized, and functional Spaces. Our design philosophy is to integrate all exterior elements, from plantings, masonry and wood construction, water features, lighting, irrigation and drainage systems into a single master plan. You can be sure that whatever landscape requirements you may have, our staff can provide a perfect solution that will be implemented with exacting standards.

Everything starts with a Design.

Poor design will break any project and make it useless for what it was intended: hire a professional Landscape Designer to solve your landscape needs. with 45 years combined experience we can meet all of your design needs.


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Design pricing

Consultations - 

Free quotes on ready projects

$45 for professional consult

                                                $45 per hour property assessment

Online CAD DYI:

Free for first impression

                                                       $200 complete layout

Basic Property Layout - 


Layout with Survey - 

$700 per standard lot

Master Plans: 

Lot-sized Plans - 

$200 per standard lot

Estate Plans -

$450 for preliminary plan

$200 for each additional draft

$65 per hour for custom changes

3D rendering:

$150 for each perspective

Estimates on your ready design:


Pool Design


Layout plans will include the entire property with existing terrain and features.

Master Plans include full specifications and detailed drawings for: hardscapes, plants, irrigation, lighting, drainage and soilwork.