The world of landscape maintenance...

Making it Last

At Hillside Gardens and Landscaping we consider consistent and focused maintenance to be as important as Design and Construction. Choosing professional maintenance guarantees high-quality, noticeable results. Every property maintained by our Trained Team gets the appropriate trimming, fertilizing, and mulching. Other exterior features such as stonework, edging, lighting, irrigation, and drainage systems are inspected and any weathered or broken features are reported and repair options are offered to the client. Our business is to ensure you property functions well and looks its very best.

Love spending your weekends doing chores around your landscape instead of relaxing in it?

If yes then your probably not in need of a professional - or maybe you still are.

Landscape Maintenance and Horticulture takes a lot out of the joy most homeowners want to get from their landscapes. Watering, weeding, mulching, treating pests and diseases, trimming and mowing can take enough of your time that there is nothing left before the work week starts again. Don't let this happen to you...get your Weekend Pass by choosing Hillside Gardens & Landscaping to do your landscape maintenance for you!